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Date of work: Mar 2022

Materials: Cinema 4D modelling 

Space size: 7m (L) x 5m (W) x 5m (H)

创作日期: 2022年3月 

材质: C4D建模 
尺寸: 7米(长)x5米(宽)x5m(高)


最近乌克兰和俄罗斯之间的冲突让我感到非常焦虑,我是一个坚定的和平主义者。战争可能会带来好处,但以战争中失去的无辜生命为代价是极其不公平和不人道的。每一场战争的背后,都有无数的 "凶手 "在支撑。它可能是领导决策者,政治家,资本家,甚至是在网上发出战争言论的群众。他们都在某种程度上成为 "凶手",所以我想创作一件艺术品,向公众展示这个问题。观众在不知情的情况下决定是否按下按钮,但他们并不清楚按下按钮后会发生什么。他们眼前突然闪过的红色,巨大的爆炸声和耳边的哭声,那一刻的冲击力就像无辜的人们在战争中不得不面对未知的恐惧一样。也许,只有经历一次类似的经历,可能才能唤起人们对于战争的那么一丝丝恐惧。




The recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused me great anxiety, and I am a strong anti-war activist. War may bring benefits, but at the cost of the innocent lives lost in war is extremely unfair and inhumane. Behind every war there are countless "murderers" who are behind it. It could be the firing button of an atomic bomb, the switch of a gun, or even the button that sends out words of war from the hands of internet users. They all become a "murderer" to some extent, so I want to create an artwork to show this problem to the public. MURDER is an artwork in which the audience unknowingly decides whether or not to push the button, but they don't really know what will happen after they do so. The sudden flash of red in front of their eyes, the loud explosions and cries in their ears, the impact of that moment is what I want the audience to remember, just like the fear

of the unknown that innocent people have to face in war. I hope the audience will realize that they might also become a "murderer" in some unintentional moment.

May there be no more war in the world, may the world be filled with love and peace.

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