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Secrets Box

​葛雪梅 | Xuemei Ge

​Interactive Art | June 2023

the Secrets Box is a mysterious interactive art installation that symbolizes the place where human secrets are collected. Like the legendary Pandora's box, this box contains endless secrets in a seemingly limited space. It becomes a repository for all human emotions: from happiness to sadness, from brightness to darkness, from emotion to anger, covering a wide range of expressions.


Secrets Box provides a safe space for people to confide their secrets that they do not want to share with others, and these secrets will be listened to and kept safe. The device is more than a simple collection tool; it represents an understanding and respect for human emotions. It provides a way to give vent to feelings that cannot or will not be shared with others, allowing people to feel relieved and relieved.


By interacting with the Secrets Box, participants can experience a different kind of engagement. They can choose to confide their secrets to the box, entrusting them to a safe presence.


the Secrets Box inspires an exploration of the inner world and emotional expression. It reminds us that everyone has their own stories and emotions, and that sometimes, only confiding can bring peace of mind. This interactive art installation aims to provoke viewers to think deeply about personal privacy, emotional inclusion and social connection.

the Secrets Box  Showcase

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