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​葛雪梅 | Xuemei Ge

​Digital Film | Nov 2020

This work, Isolation, was created during the COVID-19 pandemic while I was quarantined in my hometown of Wuhan, which was heavily impacted by the virus. People in Wuhan suddenly found themselves in a state of panic and confinement, limited within closed spaces. Each day, I experienced overwhelming feelings of panic and helplessness, desperately seeking a way to vent or find solace, isolating my mental state.


In an attempt to capture and express these emotions, I embarked on a journey of investigation and interviews with fellow isolated individuals who resonated strongly with my own feelings. As people around the world became consumed with concerns about the pandemic's progression, their spiritual well-being also suffered unimaginable damage. Countless individuals not only isolated their physical bodies but also their own spirits. It is in these moments of intense emotions that recording and expression become essential, thus giving meaning to Isolation.


Isolation portrays this unique emotional state. Through my interviews and research with isolated individuals, I sought to capture their deep-seated anxieties, fears, and helplessness. My artistic creation, through painting, photography, and writing, showcases the feelings of loneliness, the longing for connection with the outside world, and the internal struggles experienced during isolation.


Through this artwork, I aim to evoke empathy in the audience and draw attention to the psychological impact of isolation. It emphasizes that isolation is not solely a physical constraint but also a distressing and damaging experience for the human spirit. Only through understanding and support can we navigate this challenging period together, allowing our spirits to heal and rebuild.

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