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Good Life

​葛雪梅 | Xuemei Ge

​Interactive Art | Dec. 2023

Good Life is a profound and thought-provoking interactive artwork that aims to reveal the subtle relationship between the truth of people's pursuit of a "good life" and their social and cultural environment. Through an innovative approach, the work allows the viewer to experience the feeling of being squeezed by societal expectations and cultural pressures, in order to provoke a deeper reflection on the good life one really wants to live.


The central element in the artwork is an interactive installation related to the heart. The viewer participates by interacting with this installation to visualize the feeling of being squeezed by societal expectations and cultural pressures. The installation may simulate various stressors in life, such as starting a family early, taking out a loan to buy a house, and raising children for old age. In the process of interacting with the installation, the audience seems to be undergoing these great psychological pressures together with the characters in the work, deeply experiencing the distress and struggle of being defined by society for a good life.


Through the interaction with Good Life, the pressure is visualized and the audience is led to reflect on whether their own definition of a good life is truly in line with their inner expectations. This work challenges society's traditional definitions of success and happiness, and urges viewers to examine their own values and pursuits. It is hoped that in this way, the audience will find their own good life in the process of reflection, and realize their true individual values and happiness, free from the excessive intervention of society and culture in their lives.

Good Life with Audiences 


Exhibition information:

Exhibited at the 2023 Aalto Media Demo Day art exhibition.

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