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Blurred Memories

​葛雪梅 | Xuemei Ge

​Interactive Art | Apr 2023

How can we express the memories in our minds?

Why is it that when we look at a clear picture, it doesn't seem to match our memory? The reason is that once something becomes a memory, it is no longer clear; it becomes a feeling. A feeling is something vague and without a specific form, so we cannot find the exact image of our memory in a clear object.

So I kept on recalling and asking people around me about their experience of memories in their minds. 90% of them described their memories as blurry and beautiful. Sometimes, the more we try to recall certain things, the blurrier they become.

Touchdesigner effect selection:

I have chosen "blurred" as the keyword to express the effect, and I hope to use a blurry aesthetic as the expression form. I searched on YouTube and found a Touchdesigner effect called "Watercolor" that perfectly matches the feeling I want to convey.

However, I want to emphasize the sense of "flow" that exists in memories. So based on this effect, I added more noise flow speed and slower blur effects to better represent the appearance of memories in the mind.

Interactive part:

How to make the audience feel more engaged with the artwork?

The interactive component of the artwork involves five key points:

  1. The audience can upload their own photos, which creates a personal connection to the artwork and triggers stronger emotional responses.


2. Waving triggers effects and music. The waving motion represents meeting and parting, which can be interpreted as a way to reenact memories.

3. The distance from the artwork controls the level of effects. The closer the audience gets to the artwork, the blurrier the image becomes.

(This is meant to convey the fuzzy feeling of memories - sometimes, the more we try to remember something, the blurrier it becomes.)

4. Touching it will triggers automatic printing.


5.  The audience can take home a piece of paper with an image printed by a thermal printer. Over time, the image gradually fades away, like memories fading over time. This is intended to be a gift for the audience, allowing them to feel more deeply the passing of time in memories.

blurred memories print [已恢复]-04.jpg

The guide note

(receive at the beginning )

The final printed paper

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