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Date of work: Aug 2019

Materials: Silicone 

Space size: 0.2m (W) x 0.3m (H)

创作日期: 2019年8月 

材质: 硅胶 
尺寸: 0.2米(宽)x0.3m(高)

(Breast)Put in different scenarios.png

乳房是女性特别重要的一个特征,代表柔软和哺育的代表。于是我制作了乳房,将它放在各种物品上,桌子、地面、凳子甚至男性身上,当 "没有性别" 的物品,或者相反性别被安置了乳房,是否人们对于它的看法就会改变呢?


The breast is a defining sexual characteristic of women. It represents softness and  nurturing. When touched with the hand, one can feel the unique feeling of women. So I made breasts and put them on various objects, tables, floors, stools and even men. When breasts are placed on nonsexual objects, should people change their perspective about those “female”objects?

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